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■ Participation in "Aichi Triennale 2022" !!

We are pleased to announce our participation in the Aichi Triennale 2022. We will be participating under the name “Atsushi Watanabe (I'm here project)”. We will be collaborating with many project members in the COVID-19 pandemic, where the issue of loneliness and isolation has been discussed more than ever.




Period | July 30—October 10, 2022 [73days]

Artistic Director | Kataoka Mami (Director of the Mori Art Museum)

Venues | Aichi Arts Center, Ichinomiya City, Tokoname City, Arimatsu (Nagoya City)

Website |

New Post

(March 31, 2018)


Featured Interview

An interview by “BIJUTSUTECHO” (web). It was published in two parts. Part 1 mainly discusses the project “Tell me your emotional scars” (2016–). Part 2 deals with how I stopped being a hikikomori, my childhood, how I became an artist, my future, and my meeting with Makoto Aida.  

An interview with Atsushi Watanabe; the artist that “repairs” emotional scars


Exhibition Information

In the summer, a solo exhibition will be held in Tokyo. It’s still quite early, but I’m announcing the event as the dates have been fixed recently. It will be held during summer vacation, so I would be delighted if you can plan in advance and come even if you live far away. Details to be announced.


“Atsushi Watanabe’s Solo Exhibition”

Period: August 4–27, 2017

Venue: Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery


六本木ヒルズ A/D gallery

(February 14, 2017)



Recorded Video

A video of “Breakthrough, Emotional scars shine in the future, contemporary artist Atsushi Watanabe” that aired on NHK Educational TV last year.

“Breakthrough, Emotional scars shine in the future, contemporary artist Atsushi Watanabe”/ Japanese Only

(This recorded video is not officially released by NHK.)

『ハートネットTV ブレイクスルー file55  心の傷は いつか光り輝くー現代美術家・渡辺篤ー』

NHK website / Japanese Only



This exhibition has ended.

 Exhibition Information


This autumn, Atsushi Watanabe will exhibit new projects at an art event in Koganecho, Yokohama.

"Koganecho Bazaar 2016 - Asian life"

Period: 2016/10/01 (Thursday) - 11/06 (Sunday)

Venue: Elevated studio between Keikyu Line "Nichinomi-cho Station" and "Koganecho Station", surrounding studio, existing store, outdoor, others


"Koganecho Bazaar 2016" Website Japanese / English

 Call for submissions! “Tell me your emotional scars”

Call for submissions! Please share your stories about your emotional scars. I’m working on a project to capture a range of people’s emotional scars through my artwork. Any anonymous submissions are welcome.

Click here for more details


"Tell me your emotional scars" project

"In 2011, just 1 month before the Great East Japan Earthquake. I was a hikikomori inside my room."



 Cement, resin, "Kin-tsugi" and paints


(April 27, 2016) 

 I joined the "Artist Guild"


I joined the "Artist Guild".

--Artists’ Guild is a social experiment launched by artists that explores new possibilities of art support. At the core of its operation, AG manages a video equipment sharing system. Our aim is to reduce financial costs of the practical stages of artistic practice, namely art production and exhibitions; generate jobs; and facilitate active art production through an experimental support system specifically for art making. (Quoted from ARTISTS' GUILD's website)

(March 1, 2016)