The Corpse Abandonment Incident ~Leather~



The Corpse Abandonment Incident ~Leather~


Disassemble the discarded leather products and re-suture

74×69 (cm) for both left and right 


I made this artwork when I was a vegan (a person who does not eat or wear animal products). I collected abandoned leather and leather products from leather companies and friends. Then I hand-sewed a two-dimensional cushion-like artwork that looks like home goods in a kitsch way. The image on the artwork is cows eating weeds. I also looked up and added the English word "abandoning" that most Japanese people are not familiar with. Bags and sofas made of cowhide consist of grotesque parts of dead bodies. Fashion is created using dead bodies.


Added note in 2014: At that time, I was collecting leather to make a life-size stuffed toy doll of a cow, because I was wondering about what we wear and what we eat in daily life. Maybe I was being somewhat neurotic. It's not that I was trying to be vegetarian, I just happened to become one. Now in 2014, I often wear leather products with some hesitation.


[Past Exhibitions for The Corpse Abandonment Incident ~Leather~]

  • “Watanabe Atsushi no hanashi” <“A Talk with Atsushi Watanabe”> (Taisei pouch, Kanagawa, 2015)
  • "Yosenabe Hot Pot" (Art Lab AKIBA, Tokyo, 2014) 
  • "The 4th Hatsudai Contemporary Music Festival" (Hatsudai The DOORS, Tokyo, 2009)
  • ”Chibatori” (Chiba City Museum of Arts, Chiba, 2008) 



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